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have>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. thanks for getting up with us and watching "fox & friends first". >> cheers turning to screams of panic at a texas parade honoring wounded veterans. a hoar wide crowd watching as a train slams full speed into a float carrying soldiers and their spouses. four people are now dead this morning and as many as 17 others injured. >> the gate started coming down, the truck tried to blow its horn
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to get the other people in front of him out of the way. the gates actually hit the first people on the trailer. >> a preliminary investigation saying the crossing gate and the lights were in fact working. it is unknown if the train crew saw the float approaching. israel appears to be on the verge of an all out ground war with hamas. israeli troops and tanks in tel aviv for the first time since 1991 pounding suspected militant across rocket attacks that left three dead. protesting outside of the consulate. we will have a live report in
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the next hour. >> extending the deadline to establish the health insurance exchanges. it was supposed to be today. now they pushed that deadline back to december the 14th. now it is in response to a request from the republican governor's association and chairman virginia governor bob mcdonald. more on that in business. phoenix is sky harbor airport opened this morning after a security breech late last night. police called to the scene after a woman with a child crashed her car through a gate and drove on to the runway. cops quickly contained her. she may have been impaired. check this one out the mars rover is taking pictures of itself once again curiosity used the camera for the self portrait. it is made from 55 smaller images that were put together by a computer.
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it this time they don't see the arm. that is your 5@5:00. did former cia director david petraeus abuse his position as he carried out an affair with paula broadwell. the cia inspector general now launching an investigation to find out. >> all of this comes as petraeus hours away from sitting in the hot seat on capitol hill today. hearings will take place in what really happened in benghazi. they are hoping to find out. peter doocy is live for us from washington with more. >> only 2 and a half hours to go until former cia director general david petraeus is confronted on capitol hill by law makers for the first time since his sudden direction years ago. this comes after some of the lawmakers watch they used a
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video drone and shows the u.s. consulate and the cia in benghazi before during and after the attack on 9-11. that video was screened during a closed hearing earlier in the day and in an open hearing things got heated. >> the arrogance and dishonesty reflected in all of this is a little bit breath taking. it is about time that the president of the united states decide to level with the american people, find out the facts. i am appalled that the administration could not anticipate escalating violence and failed to step up security measures to protect our diplomats. >> democrats yesterday worked hard to de p fend the president and u.s. ambassador rice not ruled out as the next secretary of state nominee. >> these unfair attacks on ambassador susan rice are simply wrong. she had to rely on the
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intelligence that was provided. i sat here while colin powell provide the the intelligence that he had regarding weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> then you have the audacity to come here and say why wasn't the protection of these people provided for? and the answer is because you dam didn't provide it. >> the sun doesn't come up until 6:52. the 7:30 a.m. start time for the petraeus hearing on the house side is the earliest hearing. high profile or otherwise that he has ever seen. back to you in new york. peter doocy, thanks. 7:30 they think that it early. come on guys. let's get started. staying with the very serious topic of the benghazi hearings we are going to take a look at who is talking.
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the video was captured drone surveillance. what it means and the investigation into the attack that killed four americans. >> what it did was confirm the fact that there was a bunch of bad guys who stormed this consulate in benghazi some ca y carrying automatic weapons others not carrying automatic weapons firing rpg's and mortars into the facility as well as the annex down the road. which means that it was very clear, chris, from day one this was a terrorist attack. it is so obvious -- it would be so obvious to any experienced individual that this was a terrorist attack. >> from that perspective it was more of a situation that it was
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chaotic it didn't seem to be commanding control. there were a lot of extremists and al qaeda involved. the second attack was more organized by the bad guys. the first attack no question they were there and we could see the looting and people who didn't have weapons those who sdand they set fire to the building. the second attack was well organized there was command and control we know there were al qaeda affiliates there. >> we will have more reaction to the hearings later on at fox and friends today. congressman mike kellichael lee participated in a house foreign affairs committee yesterday. right now time for the first degree weather update with janice dean. the west is breaking for some wild weather today, right? >> you are right. it is going to last through the weekend and into early next week. the west is the big story today. want to point out where we are seeing the precipitation. this is just light in nature nuisance rain.
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look at the west coast slammed with rain and mountain snow and this will last for days as several areas of low pressure move in. you get several inches of rain and several feet of no. as you look ahead to the radar and precip several inches of rain two to four inches in some cases and feet upon feet of snow. this will last into the thanksgiving holiday. look at the travel forecast looking good across boston, dallas, los angeles. heading toward new york, dc you could have a stray thunderstorm. san francisco could see a little bit of rain there. a quick look at the wednesday forecast good for the eastern half temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we will see the rain for parts
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of the northwest. we are heading toward the holiday for cooking. >> me? i can't even boil water. >> after meeting with labor leaders and ceo's of some of america's biggest countries they will try to come up with a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama and top four congressional leaders will meet at the white house. tax hiengs and spending cuts that are certain to kill the u.s. economy. it is the first face to face meeting and almost guaranteed will be in for marathon negotiations.
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if wall street is any judge the market fell 5 percent since the election. >> we talk a lot about how the post office loses any money. they lost more than a billion dollars. a record. 3 times as bad as expected. more red ink is slated for next year. the fate is based on congressional interaction that would cut back on future retirees benefit. there's a small little piece for you. package volume is expected to jump over the holidays about 20 percent because we are on the internet. >> talk about the best colleges in america. >> we told you the most expensive and highest rank. how about the ones with the best value the ones that you get a
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job that will pay you more than the actual tuition. massachusetts, stanford, harvard, yale and princeton round you tell up the top 5. >> score the highest score on the sat. >> and know somebody, that helps. 11 minutes after the hour. president obama paying tribute to the hardest hit by super storm sandy. not everyone was welcoming him with open arms. they are selling these things. as we get a break let's get a look at the tonight show with jay leno. >> president obama will need john kerry to be the next securi secretary of defense. the strategy to bore our enemies to death. this family used capital one venture miles
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>> good morning to you. it is quarter past the hour. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. these f 22 rafter fighter jets plagued the air force with problems for years and years. now one has crashed near a florida panhandle highway. luckily the pilot was able to eject safely and no one ground was hurt. nissan predicted it would sell 20,000 but selled lows than 6800 by the enof the summer. they sold 9700 in all of 2011
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perhaps it is the dopey name. no surprise it hasn't sold a lot. >> another big story on capitol hill the looming fiscal cliff. as we told you earlier president obama will meet with congressional leaders to talk about the issue. that debate from sean hannity and former economic advisor to the president austin goldstein. >> if we want to address the deficit which we should we have to do that with cuts and new revenue. we should either broaden the base or raise the race. >> kwoerming out of the worst recession of our lifetime. >> want to stop whining about this? >> i am not whining. >> when do we stop blaming what
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i inherited. >> i am not blaming anything about what he inherited. we have added more than 5 million jobs in the last -- >> he lost more. there are fewer americans working. >> if you were to look at the first term of george bush you brought up george bush. >> i am not talking first term. >> those policies generated fewer jobs than barack obama has generated. >> what do euro bam ma friends tell you when you are on the program? >> they don't like it. >> why? >> i don't know. >> they might think you are there. >> on the issue of jobs weekly unemployment numbers rose to their highest level in more than a year yesterday with 439,000 americans filing for unemployment benefits. president obama making his second trip to the northeast since super storm sandy hit the area. many areas are still in shock
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after the storm levelled towns and left many areas flooded. a lot of people are still without power. antoine lewis is live for us in staten island that's where they got a first-hand look at the devastation there. >> good morning. he got a first-hand look. he also heard first hand from new yorkers in this area which is still trying to rebuild and trying to recover. the president touched down and got here sometime around 12:30. parts of queens the tour was done from a helicopter on the air as well as on the ground. the president talked to the people and they have expressed some frustration with what fema has been doing. step it up.
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step is it up. come down here. get on a pair of boots and gloves get out of your $800 suit and dig in the dirt. >> you need more? >> we haven't gotten anything yet. >> we thought the federal government should have done more to help us out. >> those are the type of stories that are still getting the tanks of leaders on all levels. also joe biden will be touring parts of new jersey still struggling to recover and rebuild as well. >> antoine, thank you so much. it is 19 minutes after the hour. coming up there's another kind of enemy killing our men and women in afghanistan and this one is lurking on the ground that they walk on. we will tell you about that. >> plus stranded and stuck with somewhere to go a computer glitch leaves hundreds of passengers sitting on the runway for hours. it is not the first time.
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>> welcome back. a group of wal-mart workers are planning a walk joit from one of the biggest shopping days of the year. it comes after a massive strike in october afterage alleged retaliation from employees who want heyer pay more work hours. >> a massive outage. the glitch held up 637 of the of the 6,000 scheduled flights stranding thousands of
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passengers. this is one of the third major computer mishaps in a year. it is time for the health fix. >> a big danger may be lurking under foot for soldiers in afghanistan. doctors say when id's hit our troops the blast was a deadly fungus into the soldier's wounds. doctors have trouble treating soldiers because an infection doesn't appear right away. the fungus only appears in the most severely rounded soldiers. they are testing protection for soldiers against soiled particles. in a new report from the cec shows the diabetes rate is storing across america and is happening at an alarming rate. over the past 15 years all 50 states are being raised double. oklahoma saw the biggest jump of 226 percent.
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several southern states also topping the list. researchers say the increase is due to america's growing wasist line. kids often get sick from cold weather. get this. they might actually be allergic to it as well. it is cold ersotaria and it includes rashes hives and severe cases difficulty breathing. for the most part they aren't life threatening. in some cases kids will eventually outgrow the allergy. for more information on the stories and the latest health news visit 4th graders caught picking on their peers for reading slowly. this time it was the teacher who ordered those kids to be the bullies. we will tell you about that. an american born man was added to the fbi's most wanted list. he wants to destroy america. first on this day in history in
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>> good morning to you. welcome back to "fox & friends". i am hert childers. thank you for joining us.
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it is 29 after the top of the hour. almost 5:30. that means it is time for your 5@5:30. a 28-year-old new york city man convicted of a foiled subway bombing plot will be sentenced this afternoon. they are asking that he spend life behind bars for the terror plot for crippling the city. he is an american citizen from boss knee a. two of the former high school classmates were also convicted in the not. another day another pailobailou may be hurting for. they are seeking billions from the trade department. it is burning through the last $600 million because of defaults on mortgages that it insured. it would be the first time in the fha 70 year history that it has asked for us to bail them
5:31 am
out. >> $4.5 billion bp agree to go a record fine as part of the guilty plea in the deep water horizon oil spill. he will plead guilty to 14 charges. >> three employees facing charges 2 foreman slaughter. >> everything we are capable of doing in the criminal speer we have done today. th this is unprecedented for the amounts of money the fact that a company has been criminally charged and individuals have been charged as well. the explosion that triggered the oil spell left 11 workers dead. a 4th grade teacher in idaho under fire for encourages bullying. they didn't reach a reading goal. but the students had a choice of two punishments have your face brawn on or skip recess. in response larson was put on disciplinary leave for weeks but has since returned to the
5:32 am
classroom. a lot of parents not pleased about this. an investigation is now underway. andy warhol's statue of liberty one of the price iest pieces at christie's auction in new york. the 1962 3-d silk jean went for $43.8 million. it brought in a total of $402.3 million. that is your 5@5:30. >> growing concerns about an all out war in the middle east. the violence escalates in israel and gaza. we are live at the israel gaza border with the latest on the ground. leland? >> good morning. it doesn't get any more real than this. right now want to give you a sense of the battle scene. you have the city of gaza area right behind us. i can see the buildings in no man's land. this is where the israeli ground
5:33 am
forces will move up from the tanks right here to look over out benghazi as we have been saying for a couple days now israel is getting ready for a there are armored bulldozers and there are dozens of tanks on the road driving down to gaza as the israeli defense forces called up the reserves in order to try to staff day three israel continues to pound away at benghazi. there are storage facilities a lot of the militants. 20,000 people died in gaza. israeli air strikes continue on.
5:34 am
there are rockettes coming in on a minute by minute basis. there are a couple hundred rockettes since it began. it has not intercepted all of the rockettes that have come in. we just got back from an area that was hit by a rocket. it was a homemade rocket the guy sitting there at the house i am sitting outside drinking my coffee the sirens go off i had ten seconds to get into the bomb shelter. this is part of the homemade rockettes it is a pipe that turned into a rocket. he found read hot shrapnel the difference between life and death. this going right into him was about 10 seconds.
5:35 am
they are not letting up until they have a way to having permanent cease fire out of gaza. as we xespeak right now the egyptian prime minister inside the gaza strip trying to negotiate that cease fire and d keep the ground invasion from happening. back to you in new york. david petraeus is in for a real grilling. doug luzader has the washistory washington. >> this will be behind closed doors today while there are still questions the questions will be about the benghazi attack and specifically whether the event matches will be heard again and again from u.s. bams
5:36 am
dorr to the united nations susan rice and the immediate aftermath of the attack. petraeus will give a blow by blow account of what happened in the deadly attack in benghazi that led to the death of four americans including the u.s. ambassador. director petraeus went to tripoli and interviewed many of the people as i understand that there were involved. >> there will be hearings in the benghazi attack. most closed to the public one was open. most of the focus is on u.s. ambassador susan rice who back in department appeared on five sunday talk shows with a talking point. it appeared to be the work of protestors not terrorists as it now piers. the implication is that it was
5:37 am
had he height of the leblgs season. >> the dishonest at this reflected in all of this is a little bit breath taking. it is about time. it is about time they level with the american people. >> the attacks on susan rice are wrong. she had to rely on the intelligence that was provided. >> it is almost unheard of for hearings in washington to begin before dawn. that's the case today and test possible we may not even catch a glimpse of david petraeus today. back to you guys. >> doug luzader thank you so much. we will be watching that all morning long. before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update with janice dean. one part of the country is really preparing for a messy morning commute and snow on the way for the west coast. >> yes. not only today but through the
5:38 am
weekend as a series of storms a parade of storms march toward the west coast. this is typically the rainy season it's not a surprise but it will cause travel delays as we head into the weekend and next week. we want to show you we have a weak low pressure system off the delmarva coast bringing light rain here. nuisance rain is not really going to cause a lot of problems but the west coast. the northeast will get a break but the west is not going to get a break over the next several days you can see rain and mountain snow from the northwest down to southern california and then across the rockies as we head into the weekend. several inches of rain in some cases 4-6 inches of rain and feet of snow as again several systems are going to come inland over the weekend even into early next week. we will keep you posted the morning travel looks good across the major hub boston into dallas light travel for you. looking ahead toward parts of the west coast portland. later on today you will see
5:39 am
showers but for now looking good. light air traffic for philadelphia, atlanta and chicago. we will keep you up to date on the thanksgiving travel. so far ladies people shouldn't have too much of an issue. that is good news and happy friday to everybody. >> thanks. always delivers it with a smile. >> i can't believe it is already almost thanksgiving. time now to entertain this. john upon jovi's daughter off the hook in the heroin case. the 19-year-old will not face charges after overdosing in her dorm room at hamilton college. thanks to a new law in new york people having an overdose can't be prosecuted if someone calls for help. medics found stephanie bon jovi unresponsive after her friend called 911. >> taylor swift moving on from connor kennedy. the pop star linked to harry styles of one direction. they were getting cozy backstage at the x factor.
5:40 am
>> you can be a vip at madonna's concert. don't try tracking her down when you get there. they were forced to sign waivers. they had to agree they wouldn't wander off during an exclusive preparty or seek out the star. >> a look at all of the pop stories. the bill getting it done against the dolphins. buffalo beating miami 19 to 14 s. the bill's defense held my ram me 184 yards. miami has lost 3 straight. another honor for baseball's triple crown winner. the tirings miguel carrera winning the mvp award. he got 22 out of 28 votes easily beating out mike krout. the giant's buster posy the fist in four decades to become the national league's mvp closing out 27 first place votes.
5:41 am
he was the first to win the league's batting title. >> right now you are growling from 12 points down to the 4th quart tore beat the spurs 1 is 04 -- 104 to 100. they are the only unbeaten team in the nba. coming up next on the rundown there were two key states that helped obama win a second term. why did pennsylvania and ohio see the highest number of job losses in the country? >> talk about a hard landing. a paraglider goes way off course. first as we go to break a look at late night with jimmy fallon from last night. >> president obama hosted a screening of the new movie lincoln at the white house. after the movie joe biden was like oh i did not see that ending coming. any one else?
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is>> he complained about frat house behavior at the agency. the case led to ice chief of staff susan bar. hitting close to home the fbi's latest edition to the most wanted terror list is originally from alabama. he is accused of providing materials to terrorists. he is believed to be in somalia right now as the 5th u.s. born man on the fbi list.
5:46 am
>> shocking numbers 78,000 in 48 to the heist level in 18 months. >> the labor department says a much higher than expected 439,000 filed for jobless claims for the first time last week which is not only the highest level since april 2, '01 it has a 40 week streak of being below 100,000. while new jersey and connecticut reported increased claims due to the storms new york reported a drop because power outages said many were filing. it was a spike in next week's report andnd the highest numbers of new fileings came from pennsylvania and ohio where there was thousands of layoffs in the construction
5:47 am
manufacturing in the aublt industries. it was worth noting the storm was factored into the estimate. continues claims were up which points to a weak jobless market. >> diane macedo fox business network. it is 12 minutes before the hour. next on the rundown one city pushing their green agenda on a small business owner. they are banning plastic bags. is this bad for business? >> hosting thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work. they have tips to make it easier from start to finish. fist let's check in with brian kill lead who i am sure cooks his entire thanksgiving dinner for his family. >> and the dishes. >> you have done your background check or used wikipedia and
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found out for me. i don't have to do the scramble because i am doing the tease. now what's coming up on the show. senator mike lee what he saw from the drone video that was shooting down on the actual attack when it happened on september 11th. he will talk about what he saw and what was the infighting about geraldo rivera will be here. swefz one of the stars on wonder years now she is focusing on math and she is really nice. all coming up on kilmeade and friends doochlt miss it. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> bye-bye plastic bags. they are extending the one-year-old ban on plastic bags at big box stores and supermarket. some owners say they are outraged because of the cost of paper will hurt their bottom line. twinkie lovers may be saying buy to the snack today. they are staying on the picket line. hoste hostess says it has no choice but to liquidate the entire company if the workers don't return by a 5:00 deadline. they have 18,000 employees. >> twinkies. is that on the menu for thanksgiving? >> i don't think so. thank you. >> is it on your menu, heather? >> it is a good idea. maybe we can friday them. thanksgiving is only days away. if you are hosting we have great products to help make your thanksgiving dinner mabley a little easier.
5:53 am
the creator of young married chic did the come. >> i cannot help you with crazy family members i can help you with thanksgiving entertainment. i will make your day easier hopefully. we are starting with the bella roasting pan. this takes the timing of the turkey out of it. you can fit a 22 pound turkey there. >> who is cooking a 22 pound turkey? >> the other thing is gravy. it is something everybody leaves until the last minute. i am always sitting down i am like crap i forgot the gravy. mccormack takes the guesswork out of it for you you add a little water move on you are done it's all natural. >> also taking the work out of what goes with your meal.
5:54 am
>> he has given us wines that go with each course of your meal. delivered right to your door. you don't have to worry about it. takes the stress out of it. >> if all of this is too much for you harry and david will deliver an entire thanksgiving meal to your door. they showed up yesterday with the beautiful turkey a pumpkin cheeseca cheesecake. i just unwrapped it put it on the platters. you think maybe i cooked it. >> it smells so good. >> my dad sent me a turkey in the mail. i got it yesterday. >> and leftovers. >> leftovers. everyone loves their leftovers. this does not take place it is the food saver. food news is for first time customers they offer a 30 percent discount. all you do is hit the button there and it seals up, vacuum
5:55 am
seals up your leftovers. >> we are not going to do it because it's a little loud. >> anyway, so that works. seals it all up. >> how expensive is this? >> $104 but you can get the 30 percent discount. >> not too bad. >> i hope this helps your thanksgiving entertaining. >> happy thanksgiving to you as well. >> the time now is 55 after the top. 5 minutes until the top of the hour. talk about a hard landing. a paraglider goes way off course. can you figure out the word of the day? stick around for the answer. there it is. i have no idea.
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5:58 am
>> good morning to you. it is two minutes before the hour as we look at the good,
5:59 am
bad and ugfirst the good. a happy ending for an abused doing. old lady is off to a new home she was shot by a bb gun and hit by a car . people donated $7000 for her therapy . cops in indianapolis are on the look at for a cat who is accused of assaulting gas station . he has a side kick who goes in with them. they are on the phone. crash landing in a soccer stadium in equador. a paraglider overestimated the land slammed in in to one of the players. no one was hurt. it is time now to get scrambled up

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